Celebrate Earth Day: Play Eco-Bingo!

Celebrate Earth Day: Play Eco-Bingo!

Are you ready to help us clean up the Himalayas for Earth Day this year? We're playing Bingo to clean up the planet.

Impact Botanicals is joining rePurpose Global for a special clean-up project in the Himalayas this April. The Himalayas are home to rare flora and fauna- some of the most potent herbs we use are sourced from the Himalayas, and plastic pollution hinders their ability to grow. rePurpose Global is going deep into the mountains to clean areas that haven't been cleaned in over 10 years. To support this project, Impact Botanicals is inviting you to play Eco-Bingo with us!

Download your Eco-Bingo Card

Every Bingo (5 in a row) equals 10 pounds of plastic removed from the Himalayas. Get a blackout and we'll double the impact for 100 pounds of plastic removed from nature. The Bingo card makes sustainability accessible for everyone; you can get Bingo through your diet, through self-education, through planting things, or by advocating for Green Policy. 

Follow our TikTok or Instagram channel - we'll be completing our Bingo card and showing you different ways to complete yours! 

Spread the news, share Bingo cards with your friends- the more people that play, the more plastic we remove from the environment. And at the end, everyone who turns in a Bingo card will receive a certificate showing how much plastic they removed. 

Submit your bingo cards via DM on Instagram, TikTok, or by emailing Maya at MayaDev@myimpactbotanicals.com