Feature: Martha Stewart

How to Prevent Winter Hair Breakage

Add these expert-approved steps into your routine during the cold-weather months.

By Nashia Baker
Published on December 21, 2020

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Feature: Luxe Beat Magazine

Valentine's Day Gifting by Zodiac Sign

Explore the importance of gifting based on Sun/Moon signs and expression of gender identity.

By Cassie Bilyeu


Feature: QC Exclusive

Small Business Gifts We're Loving

A curated list of highly-lovable small businesses, perfect for gif giving.

By Sunny Hubler


Feature: Mama the Fox

Gift Guide for Her

A must-see list of wellness and self-care gift items for the mama in your life.

By Mama the Fox


Podcast: Rage Against the Minivan

Annual Self-Care Gift Guide

We are giving our best recommendations for self-care gifts, for you or those you love!

By Rage Against the Minivan


Feature: Pink Play Mags

Vegan Products by Began People

It’s so close, you can almost feel it. Spring is on the horizon, which means shedding the winter blahs away. Once way to do this is by taking care of your skin that had to weather the harsh elements over the past several months.

By Bryen Dunn


Feature: The Natalie Diaries

Current Favorites

Vedic Botanicals was happy to be featured on Natalie's current list of favorite items in the home and wellness space.

By The Natalie Diaries


Feature: Life with Kathy

Gifts for Her

A must-see list of wellness and self-care gift items for the mama in your life.

By Life with Kathy


Podcast: The Ash Said It Show

Current Favorites

What is the origin story behind Vedic Botanicals, how did they handle challenges while in development and why should you get their latest collection TODAY! All is revealed in this phenomenal interview with founder Rachel!

By The Ash Said It Show


Feature: Stuff We Like

Vedic Botanicals

The minute I opened myVedic Botanicals package I knew I was in for a treat. Vedic Botanicals focuses on rich organic ingredients that form its Ayurvedic body care products.

By Stuff We Like


Podcast: Conversations with Kim

Current Favorites

I was always interested in the Ayurveda philosophy. That's why I wanted to talk with Rachel Warnock who schooled me on Ayurveda and her skin care line that focuses on the benefits of using all natural, PETA certified, organic, herb based ethically sourced products.

By Conversations with Kim


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