How to use our Hair Serums

How to use our Hair Serums

Here's how to use NouRiche and Timeless:

Keep in mind that changes in the solidity are natural and will change based on room temperature.

If the oil is not liquid, place the bottle in hot water on the stove, or near a heat vent to liquify. Begin by applying oil to the scalp. Massage oil thoroughly into all areas of the scalp, concentrating on any thin spots. Extend to the rest of your hair, applying the oil to the full length of your hair and concentrating on the ends.

Tie up, clip, or otherwise contain your hair. Leave the oil in for 4-8 hours before washing out. Some choose to lay a towel down and sleep with it in their hair. Thoroughly wash out the oil.

This was traditionally done on a weekly basis, but you may choose the frequency. (Monthly is recommended at minimum). If balding is a concern, apply the oil to the thin spots on the scalp daily, but not the rest of the hair. 

It is common for any loose or unhealthy hairs to fall out during the oiling process. The herbs in the oil have been used for centuries in India to promote thick, healthy heads of hair. The oil makes the hair soft, more manageable, and for those with naturally curly hair- more luxurious curls.

If balding or thinning hair is a concern, consider consulting with our herbalists and learning about taking similar herbs internally. The herbs in this blend help to stimulate hair growth, and taking them internally while using the hair oil is the best way to combat balding or thinning hair.