Compostable labels! - Innovations in VB packaging

Compostable labels! - Innovations in VB packaging

We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again- sustainability is one of the foundational aspects of Vedic Botanicals, because profit made at the expense of Mother Earth is actually profit made at the expense of future generations. 

So, with that in mind, we ARE THRILLED to announce our latest gains in achieving ZERO WASTE.  We recently discovered Pure COMPOSTABLE labels from Elevate Packaging, and are actively working to switch over all our labeling to compostable labels. 

For the past couple years, Vedic Botanicals (VB) has been using a PLA plastic for our labels, meaning it’s plastic made from plants (mostly corn) rather than oil.  It was the greenest option we could find at the time. 

Why use plastic labels at all?  We’d honestly rather not, but because our products are almost exclusively oil-based, non-plastic labels are completely destroyed before the jar is empty.

But let’s talk about these new exciting labels! 

  • The plastic is made from tree pulp, not corn or soy (both crops guilty of heavy pesticide use)
  • Is Non-GMO
  • The adhesive and the label itself are certified compostable in accordance with ASTM D6400 and EN13432 (meaning you can peel off the label and throw it in the composter with your food and yard scraps. Or at the very least, it won’t stick around forever if it ends up in landfill.)
  • And they meet Cedar Grove Field Testing Requirements (Legit Eco Cred).

You’ll notice a slow transition over to these new labels throughout the course of 2019.  If your VB product has one of the white labels on it, it’s the PLA, non-compostable plastic.  You can recycle these depending on what your city, town, county or state accepts in terms of plastics recycling. 


But if your VB label is clear or full color (like below), it’s COMPOSTABLE BABY! 


And in the meantime, please pardon our appearance as we make this visual transition.  When we find a way to improve our product or reduce our impact on Earth’s resources, we get on it!  We are both proud and excited to be working with Pure Labels on keeping the Earth Green and plastics out of the Pacific Ocean.