Easy Breathe Balm- Powerful Ingredients

Easy Breathe Balm- Powerful Ingredients

On the surface, Easy Breathe balm is your standard decongestant balm- you take a whiff and you can't miss the camphor smell.  But there's quite a bit going on below that camphor surface- herbs that you won't smell.  

While the essential oils are potent and obvious, the bulk of this balm is herbs of Ashwaganda, Bala, and Neem herbalized oils, built in to boost the immune system and kill germs.  

Ashwaganda, of course, is anti-oxidant rich and along with Bala, the two are impressively fortifying to the body.  Neem works to kill germs and take out the virus or bacteria causing the illness (it's also what gives this balm its green color).  

So as you apply the Easy Breathe Balm to your chest, neck, shoulders, hands, and the soles of your feet, know that you're not just getting the benefit of all those air-passage-opening essential oils, but more importantly, the immune support of all those herbs you can't smell!!

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