Introducing our New Name: Impact Botanicals

Introducing our New Name: Impact Botanicals

After 6 years, Vedic Botanicals is becoming Impact Botanicals. 

I had chosen the name “Vedic” with much love and care. I chose it to honor the tradition of herbal medicine in which I’m trained and the spirit with which the products are formulated. In business class we were taught to pick a company name that speaks to your products and highlights their uniqueness. After 4 years of being in business, I realized that was very dated advice. 

It’s far better to have a name that speaks to your brand and your mission. 

I was also realizing that “Vedic” had its limitations. It wasn’t a word people readily understood and it was often mispronounced. I was also receiving feedback that using a name so closely tied with an ethnic tradition was not as honoring as intended- something I took very seriously. 

Thus, we are becoming Impact Botanicals.

If you know my story then you know I became an entrepreneur because I saw business as a force for systemic change in society; I decided to build a system that could effectively tackle systemic problems. From the earliest days of my childhood I wanted nothing more than to leave this world better than I found it, and as I stepped into adulthood, business became the means to my end. Leveraging my skill as a formulator and an herbalist is the vehicle, but a healthier society is the destination. 

I have always dreamt of and sought one thing with this life of mine: Impact. That the world I weave with the breath I breathe lifts the souls I am blessed to touch. Impact is what we aspire to create. Botanical body care is how we do it. 

Rooted in wellness and standing for change,


Founder, and Lead Herbalist at Impact Botanicals