What’s your Numerical Year?

What’s your Numerical Year?

Most people are familiar with Astrology and the “What’s your sign?” line, but fewer know about Astrology’s more simplistic cousin, Numerology.  Numerology uses number values from the name and the birthdate of the individual to provide a road map of the person’s life.  While Astrology acts something like a GPS, with the capacity to zoom in and out, showing both the broad, decade-long influences of some of the larger planets and the passing day-to-day whims of smaller astro-bodies, like the moon, Numerology remains a largely unchanging paper road map, providing a broader picture with some more significant parts of life blown up off to the side. 

While one can do daily and monthly horoscope-type calculations with Numerology, it’s more common to find Annual Numeroscope predictions.  Every year carries a unique vibration for you as an individual based on the numerical value of your birthday.  These numerical values repeat in cycles of 9; if 2016 is a 4 year for you, then 2017 will be a 5 value for you.  The value of the year you were born holds special significance, and is known as the Birthpath, as it sets the overarching tone for your present life, but these vibrational values are interpreted somewhat differently. 

So how does one calculate the numerical value of your year? It’s a simple equation- just add the numbers in your birth month and day with the current year. 

Let’s use the example of May 2, 2016 (5/2/2016). 

May 2nd= (5+2= 7)

2016 (2+0+1+6= 9)

7+9= 16


So this person has a year with the numerical value of 7.  Once you determine the numerical value of your year, read below and check out what that means for you!  (Note that while a certain year may increase the likelihood for a certain outcome, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have that same outcome in other years.  That is, you don’t have to wait for your next Six year to start a family, or your next Four year to build something great in your life. On the road map of life, there are multiple ways to same destination!) 


1- This is a trailblazer year!  You may find yourself starting a new venture, taking a leap, or beginning something new.  It may herald in new responsibilities and leadership roles.  It some ways that year can be extremely outgoing, with a very clearly defined “new chapter” feel to your frontier.  In others, it can be more tentative.  Sometimes a One year is about opening foreign doors and dipping your toes into strange ponds.  A One year can push a person into uncomfortable, sometimes lonely situations, where you’re not sure exactly what you’re doing, where you’re going, or even what you want.  They can feel disjointed- a sense of being out-of-place, or an “alone while in a crowd” type of melancholy.  You may second guess your goals or what you have been doing/building in life.  One years ask you to look at yourself in a new way, whether that is through external eyes, or your own.  In many ways, things that you start in a one year, or metaphorical seeds that you plant during a One year, grow deeper roots than in subsequent years.

The last time I had a One year I spent about 10 months poking around in the dark deciding what I wanted, looking for work, tentatively trying this and that, sticking my toes in strange ponds, and then finally deciding to start my own business.  Classic One year. 

2- Two years tend to have subtle overtones, with balance being the key word.  They provide balance for the dynamism and self-inflicted interrogation of the One year.  They expand on the seeds planted in the previous year; think of this as the root stage- the seed is sending roots down into the earth but from the perspective of the topside there’s not much happening.  Two years often heighten one’s intuition, or need for music (either to listen or to play); emotions are often in the foreground during a two year, as balance is achieved through the back forth sway of the heart/mind scale and those new roles or perspectives touched on in the One year become more solid.  It’s a perfect time to go deeper into any kind of meditation or yoga practice you may have (or start one!), to spend more time journaling, writing letters to yourself, and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.  Peace and Balance will be important themes during a Two year.  Allow yourself to experience YOU, and the life you’ve created. 

3- Three years go one of two ways- they’re super crazy fun, or they hold absolutely everything to the scrutiny of the magnifying glass.  And sometimes they’re a cyclothymic mix of both.  The defining characteristic of the number three is creativity.  It’s an extroverted number, exploding with a child-like attention span amid the wonder of life.  Three years can bring in new people, friendships, dynamic work relationships, and spawn great successes in life- particularly for those working in creative, artistic modalities.  Artists may find that the Muses themselves have come to roost in their chosen mediums.  Three years can both increase cash flow with heightened creativity and become expensive years due to increased social activity, excursions, or simply because you signed up for 10 different classes and went on a zip-lining adventure. 

The other side of the three year is centered around the ego.  Three is creative, but it is also your sense of self.  Think of One as the individual, Two as the reflection, and Three as the observer- playing witness to all the interactions.  More simply, One is the person, Two is the object/ how the person sees the object, and Three is the person becoming self-aware and is now able to scrutinize how they observe and interact with the object.  Three years can call into question judgements and perspectives the individual held about their morals, about the world around them, and about how they want to engage in that world.  They can be filled with disillusionment.  The shadow side of creativity is destruction- in the creation of something new the old is destroyed. 

The creativity, and sometimes the destruction, that happens in the Third year is important for the Fourth year, as it channels that creativity into something solid.    

4- The year of foundation.  For some, the four year can be tedious and tiresome, as it requires you to lay a foundation, to build something, to pay attention to detail, think practically, plan ahead, and make sound investments.  For others, this type of year comes easily and offers a grounded reprieve after the outgoing nature of the Three year; contrasting the Three’s air element with the Four’s earth element.  The efforts of the Four year are long term investments that will bear fruit down the road.  In fact, you may find it enjoyable to literally work with the earth- plant a garden!  It’s a good time to examine your health- in body and mind- and look at your support systems in life.  During this year, don’t be afraid to roll up your sleeves and do the nitty-gritty work.  You’re giving yourself a firm platform from which to live your life. 

5- Five years bring the winds of change- for better or worse.  They often herald in opportunities for travel, or maybe you’re being relocated for work.  You may find yourself dealing with some serious wanderlust, or a sudden need to rebel against authority figures/ structures in your life.  Five brings freedom- new freedoms and adventures, or at the very least a desire for those things.  Five can also be a rather flirtatious year, bringing new beaus or belles into your life.  You may find yourself more highly sought after in the romantic department, but try not to be too disappointed if these interactions are fleeting.  All in all, Five wants to expand the way in which you experience life, but be careful about spreading yourself too thin! 

6- Six represents the family and the community- however you define those words.  Family and community can be nuclear and local, or in today’s modern world it can span coastlines and various nations.  In whatever way you define those terms, your Six year will deepen your connection and role in those aspects.  It’s traditionally an ideal time for marriage, children, or buying a home.  Romantic relationships that begin during a Six year are more likely to be long term and serious in nature. (If the relationship eventually goes south, the break up will be harder as well.)  It can bring opportunities for volunteering efforts or work in local government/school systems.  You may find yourself taking up a cause or playing a larger role in your community.  Six has the vibration of both the Teacher and Doctor, you may find yourself in teaching or care-taking roles.  The Six year is great time to explore the things that go on around your home and spend quality time with loved ones.

7- Seven years offer the biggest bang for your buck, but strap-in, it will be quite the ride.  They can usher in or emphasize academic studies, or new or increased interest in the spiritual, non-physical aspects of life.  The number Seven itself symbolizes a marriage of the physical world and the spiritual, of the individual with the universal elements of life.  It brings together the rational intellect with the esoteric mysteries of existence, and you may find yourself drawn to metaphysics- be it the paranormal, dream interpretation, or energy-based healing modalities.   Seven pushes you to transcend reality as you know it.  And most importantly, it forces you to confront your greatest adversary: yourself.  Unlike One, which asks you to look at your Self in a new light, or the Three which asks you to examine and understand that Self, Seven asks you to confront that Self and all your self-inflicted obstacles- to be true to that Self.  Seven years highlight parts of your life that may not be serving your highest good and need to be pruned.  Decisions or actions made in previous years may also come back to challenge you in new ways; at the end of the day, Seven wants you to own up to the person in the mirror.  Once cleared, this challenge offers the sweetest of rewards and renewed inner strength; the depths to which you tackle your self-inflicted obstacles is an investment in YOU- one offering high percentage rates that pay off exponentially.  When you find yourself in a Seven year, breathe deeply, take moments to pause and reflect on your role before reacting, and listen closely to your dreams and intuition.  Don’t be afraid to get out the pruning shears.    

8- Eight is one of those years to look forward to.  Perhaps because it comes on the heels of Year Seven’s heavy investments, or perhaps because it’s such a well-rounded (pun intended!) number, in either way- it’s generally enjoyable.  Eight symbolizes unity, and fullness of life.  It is success on all levels- material, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual.  It is the balance and union of these four elements- two feet firmly planted on foundations made from these materials and the experiences of the past 7 years.  Power and success often accompany the Eight year, and they are good years for promotions or investments.  While the Four year asked you to invest now for the future, the Eight year offers more instant gratification for your efforts.  You may find yourself in management level roles, and an easy flow to life.  You should be enjoying the fruit of the labors from previous years.  I like to think of the Eight year as the archetypal Daoist Master, who does so little yet accomplishes so much, just through his/her intentions.  The Eight year asks you to be aware of and own your power- to use it wisely.  Be conscious of how your actions affect others; the karmic ripples of the Eight year bear an increased weight. 

9- Nine is something of an evanescent year.  It has a strong humanitarian vibration, full of love and compassion for the world and all its creatures. You may find your senses heightened, your heart more open, and your judgements lessened.  You may enjoy a more vegetarian or vegan diet during this time.  While Eight is the union of the elements, Nine is Universal Completion, and the union of your heart with the hearts of other sentient beings.  It’s a good year to give freely of yourself, with openness.  It’s also a prime time to do some house cleaning- figuratively and literally.  Because Nine is the end of the cycle, it’s a perfect time to finish projects, to close chapters, and put old wounds to rest.  With a One year on the horizon, it’s wise to lighten your load and clear away the clutter you accumulated during this last cycle. 

Two, Seven, and Nine are Intuitive, Spirit-based numbers.  Two is emotionally intuitive- wanting you to feel Spirit; Seven is intellectually intuitive- wanting you to understand Spirit; Nine is the essence of Spirit- wanting you to live in alignment with Spirit.  Because of this, you may feel somewhat disconnected from the physical world during this time, or perhaps you will find yourself dealing with the more spiritual aspects of life.  Death can sometimes surface as a theme- either metaphorical death as you close certain chapters in your life, or literal death through the loss of loved ones.  Nine surpasses the illusion of the physical world to remind us that we are all connected, no matter what is physically between us.  Nine years can be taxing on the heart, but they trade in wisdom and enlightened compassion.