Le Sein Blend, with How-To video

Le Sein Blend, with How-To video

Let’s break down “Le Sein blend”- A blend of oils aimed at maintaining healthy and youthful breast tissue. 

In modern living, we’re exposed to countless toxins, and we bind our body parts in tight clothing- often reducing circulation as a result. On the note of toxins- there are two main types: Hydrophilic, and lipophilic.  Toxins that latch onto water, and toxins that latch onto fats.  While the first group is much easier to deal with- one must simply stay hydrated and active- the secondary group is much more difficult to tackle.  Lipophilic toxins latch onto fat cells within the body and have to be lured out by other types of lipids- like oils.  This is one of the reasons why Ayurvedic Cleanses and Pancha Karma are more successful in reducing bodily toxins- because of the heavy use of oil. 

But- back to the breasts!  The breasts are largely two things: the mammary gland and a deposit of adipose (fat) tissues, with some veins and milk ducts thrown in there as well.  Because the breasts are largely made up of fat, and because they are often bound up by bras that reduce circulation, they tend to become easy repositories for lipophilic toxins over one’s lifespan.     

Le Sein blend is a combination of traditionally recommended Ayurvedic and European oils for breast health, combined with a blend of essential oils to help firm skin and increase circulation.  While massage always increases circulation, these essential oils help to keep the blood flowing after the massage is finished.  Note that circulation = movement in the body, movement of the lymph, movement of the blood and all the things carried in the blood, like oxygen and nutrients.  

Some people choose to use Le Sein just on its own, after a shower or work out; but for maximum benefit, one should alternate hot and cold water on the breast tissue, then apply Le Sein oil. 

We made this cool demonstration video talking about the benefits of the oils and showing the best way to use Le Sein.

Check it out!